Etiquette When Asking About Free Kids’ Meal

Here are a few points to consider to make it easier for you and the establishment.

Etiquette When Asking About Free Kids’ MealEating with the family is considered to be an exercise in bonding. However going out for a meal can sometimes become expensive. You can pretty much expect a sky high bill once you pay for yourself and the kids.

Fortunately, there are some pubs, clubs and other restaurants that provide free meals for kids, cutting the cost while allowing everyone to enjoy great food. Kids eat free deals are great for both the customers and the eateries because aside from paying absolutely nothing for what the children eat, the businesses will more likely get regular consumers as families tend to stick to places they already know.

While this is a great privilege, you always should observe proper etiquette when asking about these kinds of offers as you can easily be refused the deal. Here are some tips that are good to know in order to build mutual respect with the eatery you are visiting.

1. Advise the Wait Staff Accordingly

When you wish to order of the free kids’ meal, it is wise to let the wait staff know about it before the rest of the table orders. This allows them to prepare for what you need, creating a more seamless experience. Moreover, if there is a problem, it can be sorted out first before too much time is wasted, saving you both the time and frustration. If there is going to be a problem claiming the free meal deal, you want to get it sorted before the kitchen starts cooking your meals.

2. Stay Calm

Sometimes problems or misunderstandings are unavoidable. When this happens, do your best to stay composed and ask calmly if you can speak with the manager. Do not yell or bark orders as there are instances when the wait staff may not be fully informed, or perhaps the manager can sort something out for you. Either way, it pays to have a cool head in order for the experience to end up positive.

3. Appreciate the Offer

Unfortunately, some customers tend to ask for items beyond what is offered for free. Stick to the deal and never ask for more free items. The free kids’ meal offer relies on the strategy of gaining revenue from repeat customers, so in a manner of speaking there is a risk and a percentage of loss when they provide promos. Just appreciate the offer and be thankful for it.

4. Do a Review

In today’s digital times, reviews over the internet say a lot about businesses so it’s a good way to let people know about your experience. This is when you can give your insight about the place, and the meals whether it be positive or negative. It’s a great way to give other parents a heads up about what to expect when they attend the venue.

Almost nothing is free anymore nowadays so it’s essential to always be respectful of management and staff at the venues you attend.