Top 10 Kids’ Pub Meals You Should Know

Are you having a hard time deciding what to order for your kids when eating out? Here are 10 kids’ pub meals that are staples for most Aussie eateries.


burger & fries

Eating out with the family is a fun experience as it allows a leisurely talk while enjoying great food. It shouldn’t be a problem for teens and adults to choose meals, but what about the kids? Kids tend to be a bit fussier but there are some winning dishes that have proven to be popular amongst the kiddies.

Here are 10 pub meals for kids that are usually winners with the kiddies. Most kids can’t resist the dishes that usually grace kids menus in eateries around Australia.

1. Chicken Nuggets

Everybody loves chicken, and nuggets are super popular with kids. Usually served in lots of 3 or six nuggets with a side of chips, nuggets are a great pick for the young ones. It’s the same, delicious taste that kids know minus the bones, so it is all meat with high protein content.

2. Fish N’ Chips

Most kids love crumbed fish with a side of chips so you know it’s going to be an irresistible dish. Kids can dig in the fried battered fish and potato chips while dipping it in tartar sauce. This dish has known to be served with a side of coleslaw. Fish is always a good choice for growing kids.

3. Chicken Schnitzel

With chicken being an all-time favorite, it isn’t hard to imagine that eating it in schnitzel form would make it into our top 10 list. The chicken schnitzel is a delight to eat given the seasoning combination, creating an explosion of flavor. More importantly, the fact that chicken breasts are used makes it as healthy as it is tasty. A kiddie version of the grown up pub staple.

4. Spag Bol

Spag Bol, short for Spaghetti Bolognese, is a staple food for pasta lovers and fans of Italian cuisine. It’s a popular meal anywhere and many variations have been made to adapt to the geography ever since. Kids love spaghetti bol and it’s usually on kids menus in most eateries around Australia.

5. Meat Pie

Nothing says aussie meal like a maggot bag. For meat lovers, you can never go wrong with the classic meat pie. Different restaurants tend to change the shape and ingredients so it’s always a surprise, and a wonderful one at that for the kids. Kids love ripping at the pastry and eating the succulent meat and juices inside.

6. Sausage Roll

Just like a meat pie, sausage rolls are pretty much an Aussie right of passage. As a pastry snack, the sausage roll is going to be your best bet. Its tasty seasoned meat wrapped in pastry and kids love it. It is a usual buffet or party food, so you can expect that this will more or less be available in most pubs and restaurants.

7. Cheese Toastie

Cheese toastie, or simply a toasted cheese sandwich, is a simple yet still mouth-watering snack for kids. The cheese melts between slices of bread, blending perfectly just the way kids like it.

8. Hamburger & Chips

Of course, any pub won’t be complete without hamburger and chips. This is one of the most popular snacks that kids order so you’ll never go wrong with it. Burger and fries are always a winning combination.

9. Pizza

Need we say more? Everyone loves a good slice of pizza, and the myriad of choices for the toppings makes it so heavenly and divine. Kids tend to stick with plain cheese or hawaiian pizza toppings but each menu it’s on will have a different variant.

10. Deep Fried Calamari

Last but not the least, battered squid fried to perfection can’t get any more perfect than deep fried calamari. Seafood lovers are sure to enjoy this dish and it’s usually a winner with older kids as the young kids sometimes find it hard to chew.